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1920’s Sewing Basket, All Contents, With A Story, As Found!

Measures:  10” x 2.5”

I couldn’t part this out!  It was meant to stay all together!  Most of the contents are a good  bit earlier than the 1920's!  This basket belonged to one lady, and she was a member of the “Saco Needle Club”.  Saco is a town on the coast of Maine.  There is a roster of members dated 1919-20.  There is also a newspaper article “Needle Club Guests At A Shore Dinner”.  Ok, this: “The trip was made in machines”.  And their husbands put the dinner on!  The Native American crafted basket is in very good condition, it is made of sweetgrass, pine needles and splints.   Inside are a thimble/emery box, scissors holder, needle book and tiny pin cushion.  Contents include:  A Shaker pin keep with heart and hand (Hands to Work, Hearts to God), a silk ribbon chatelaine (quite possibly Shaker) with attachments velvet heart pin cushion and silk strawberry emery. The chatelaine is made of silk ribbon wound through bone rings.  Some of the silk has shattered and the chatelaine is in 2 pieces. This type of chatelaine would have hung around the neck or been pinned to clothing.  Other attachments that have come away are a small needle book, a glove darner, and a small sock darner.  There is a red silk strawberry which was found in the inner sweetgrass box.  A Neuss Brothers pin cube with most pins in place.  A wooden and paper box labeled “Beads for Good Children” made in Czechoslovakia”.  The beads are in the box.  Also included is a marbleized sock darner.  I love pieces with a story, and I have had so much fun with this!


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