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1920’s Leather Sewing Kit

Measures:  2” tall, 5.25” wide, 3” deep

The leather on this sewing kit is butter soft!  This has been used and loved for over 100 years, it has been mended and could indeed use a bit more mending.  But it’s the wear that makes it so interesting!  The bottom was made stiff with magazine pages – dating to 1921!!  The top is stuffed with quilt batting accurate for the time.  The kit includes a velvet pin cushion on one end, a leather flap that has flannel needle keeps, a spool area complete with a wooden spool of Belding Silk thread, a leather thimble holder with thimble and wax!  There is a place on the top cover to keep a small pair of scissors and other small necessities.  The purple silk interior is in very good condition.  The snap closure works but should be used gently.  This sewing kit has been attributed to the Shakers, but I do not have definitive proof of this.  It is entirely possible, we do have a Shaker community here in Sabbathday Lake, Maine. 


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