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1920’s – 1930’s Glass and Brass Vanity/Powder Box and 1950's Kigu London Compact

Measures:  Powder - 5” across, 2” tall, Compact - 3” across

1920’s – 1930’s Glass and Brass Vanity/Powder Box:  This beautiful piece has a wonderful guilloche cover and intricate cut out pattern around the ring.  The very thick, heavy glass container sits in the decorative ring perfectly.  There are 4 tiny ball feet on the ring.  This piece is in very good condition, with no chips or cracks in the glass.  There is some slight discoloration on the brass, this may be resolved with polish if desired. 

Kigu London Compact:  The compact is gold with black floral decorations etched into the finish.  The mirror is in very good condition.  The powder compartment has the sifter in place and still has a bit of the original powder in it!  The clasp for the powder compartment slides to open, I have shown this in the photos.  The top of the compact does have some scratches, it was used but respected! 


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