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1915 Sewing Box with Contents, Original Pin Cushions, Removable Spool Caddy

Measures:  4” tall, 10.5” wide, 7.5” deep

I always love a story, and when there’s a story with a piece of antiquity – even better!!  The date April 16, 1915 is handwritten on the inside of the cover.  There is a handwritten note, “Sewing Box.  Grandmother Smith’s mother – Grandmother Hutchinson”.  And there is a “Happy Easter” greeting on the tiny cubby cover inside! An Easter gift?? Found inside the cubby is a roll of name ribbon, including instructions for use with the name “Constance M. Smith”.  The box is in very good, loved condition.  The pin cushions are original velvet, the spool caddy lifts out to sit handy to a project.  The cover on the cubby has a delicate brass and black enamel handle.  The mirror in the cover is a bit smoky due to age but has no breaks or chips.  The outside of the box has some wear on the finish and one crack in the bottom.  This doesn’t affect the stability of the piece.  There is a lock, but the key has gone missing over the years.  This box and contents are just as I found them, I felt it should all stay together! 109 years – appreciated and put to good use!


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