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1910’s Tri Fold Celluloid and Brass Picture Frame/Mirror Frame

Measures:  Folded – 8.5” wide, 11” tall, Frame area – 8 7/8” tall, 6 7/8” wide, Open – 23” wide

The possibilities are numerous for this beautiful old set of frames!  I can see it holding needlework pieces, family photos, a pretty beveled mirror, original artwork, old letters, the list goes on!  This piece is made of celluloid and brass, it dates to the early 1900’s, the art nouveau period.  The hinges are intact and work well, the feet are all in place.  It can be hung on the wall or stood on a surface.  The lock on the side works fine as well.  There is a pretty patina to the brass.  This could be removed but I will leave that to the buyer.  The picture on the celluloid is detailed and colorful.  There is one area of damage under her uplifted arm, and it looks like the color on her dress has fallen to the inside in places, much like reverse painted glass will do with age.  However, it appears to be stable at this time.  This piece is ready to be displayed and enjoyed once again!


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