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1910’s Dr. Johnson’s Educator Crackers Tin

Measures:  6” tall, 6” wide, 6” deep

So, interesting story behind these crackers!  They were invented by a dentist in the 1880’s, he felt that his patients’ teeth were being ruined by too much soft food.  He came up with a solution in the form of these hefty crackers which required a great deal of chewing!  He baked them at home and gave them away to his patients 😊.  Eventually, the crackers became so popular that he considered going into the business but being 60 years old (1885) he decided to ask his then 25 year old daughter, Nora Bird for help.  Well, she took the company and ran with it!  She came up with several flavors and designs such as The Educator Ark – animal crackers!  And in 1913 – The Suffragette Biscuit!  She sold the company in 1919, it changed hands and names several times over the years before disappearing in 2001. 

Now, about the tin:  It is in good vintage condition, the hinged top works well.  The front logo has become alligatored over the years, but all other graphics are highly visible and readable.  There is some discoloration on the inside but no holes.  There is one crack at the hinge on the back, please see photo.  Great for display, a conversation piece and storage all in one!


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