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1910’s Baker’s Chocolate Box with a Story!

Measures:  4” tall, 9.5” wide, 6.5” deep

This wooden chocolate box comes with a story, or at least the possible inspiration for a story!  There is writing inside the box which reads, “This box mailed up by John Wilson Jr. and delivered on the overland train.  Best regards, John”.  There is an address on the bottom as well as the remnants of 2 postage stamps.  The address is very faded but what I can see is:

Mr. Robert Dufour

Supply Co 1st <unreadable>

Charlotte, NC

And I believe in the upper corner it is noted “Christmas Box”.  I am wondering if this was sent to a soldier during WWI?  I have attempted to enhance the handwriting with the photos, but this capability is limited by my current equipment 😊

The box itself is in wonderful condition, all the printing is readable, the finger joints in the corners are intact, the box is very sturdy. 

*The box only is included in the sale, other items are my photo helpers :-)


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