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1905 Folding Tape Measure, Celluloid, Corbett Brothers Co. Fine Silk

This folding tape measure is in wonderful condition, there are no chips or cracks, the rivets are all in place with no breaks.  The graphics are sharp and visible.  The measure is 12 inches long.  I just discovered while doing this description that there is an error on this measure!  The section for 4-6 inches is repeated!  How interesting!  Perhaps that is why it is in such good condition….  The front reads “Manufacturers & Importers of Fine Silk Ribbons”.  There is a cat holding a spool of ribbon at each end.  The back also has the kitties and reads “Telephone 4525 Spring Corbett Brothers Co. V 85 Spring St NY”.  There is also a date and the manufacturer name in the lower right-hand corner “Pat June 6, 1905 The Whitehead & Hoag Co Newark, NJ”. 


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