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1901 Smith and Egge Sewing Machine, It Works!

Measures:  8” tall, 4” wide, 1.75” deep

This petite sewing machine appears to work very well, however, my eyes (no matter how I try!) won’t let me thread the tiny needle that is in place!  The handle cranks very smoothly, all of the parts move as they should, and everything seems to be in place.  I just know it would sew like a dream!  This machine was first patented June 2, 1896.  Only around 1000 are known to exist today.  William Smith and Frederick Egge started their company in 1873 in Bridgeport, CT.  Both were talented engineers and inventors.  They started out making tamper proof padlocks with unique internal movements.  Basically, they would invent and manufacture anything that would make them money!  This little sewing machine was very popular as it only weighed 30 ounces and sewed very well!  This was not a toy, but a portable sewing machine that every household wanted.  In fact, it was advertised as “Not a toy, but simple enough for children to use!”.  This remarkable, rare little machine is not only adorable, it works like it was made yesterday, not 122 years ago!


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