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1900's Baby Gown, Stockings, Banjo Bottle and Leather Shoes

All items are included!

The shoes are in very good condition and at the same time they have appropriate wear.  The leather is butter soft.  The buttons are all original and firmly attached.  The inside of one is stamped with the maker, however all I can make out is “Best” and “New York”.  

The Gown Measures:  33” long, 10” across chest.  Stockings – 14.5” long.  

This would make an adorable outfit for baby’s first photos!  The gown is as seen in photos from the 1910’s and may have been a christening gown.  It is in remarkably good condition with a very few minor spots and one small hole in the back.  There is a simple tie closure at the neckline.  The embroidery, lace and eyelet trim are subtle and beautiful.  I have hand washed, line dried and ironed the gown.  The stockings date to around the same era (they are so soft!).  There are a couple of very well done and barely noticeable mends on the stockings and a few spots which may come out with a gentle spot remover.    The bottle has no cracks or chips.  It has fluid measurements in both tablespoons and ounces.  It is known as a “banjo” or “turtle” bottle due to the shape.  Originally it would have had a length of rubber tubing attached at the neck of the bottle with a nipple on the end of that tube.  This bottle was convenient for mother as she didn’t need to hold baby or bottle for feeding.  However, bacteria and mold flourished in the hoses and bottles causing illness and even death.  These bottles eventually became known as “murder bottles” and were outlawed by many cities and states.  Banjo bottles are becoming harder to find and I’m always happy when I can pick one up!  This bundle would also make a unique baby shower gift or nursery décor!


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