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1897 Hannum Pinking Machine, It Works!!!

Measures:  Approx 6” tall, 5.5” wide, handle is 5” long

This brilliant piece of sewing machinery still works!  Rob took it all apart, cleaned the pieces and oiled it.  Nothing was stripped out or rusted together, it is in amazing condition!  There are 3 cutter wheels with different designs, they are easily swapped out.  The cutting pressure can be adjusted with the screw on the top, next to the top wheel.  The clamp to attach it to a work surface works well and once it is attached, it is sturdy and the cutter works easily!  This machine dates to 1897-1898, we know that because Hannum changed the design slightly in 1899 and the new version was called “The Gem”.  This is the original version!  What a cool piece of history to put on display and use on projects!


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