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1890’s – 1910’s Stanley Rule and Level Co. Wood and Brass Level, Boxwood and Brass Caliper Rule No. 98

A great combination for anyone who appreciates antique tools!  Both the level and the rule are Stanley, they have been put to work for over 100 years.  How many buildings have been built using this pair?  The level has been worn smooth and the edges rounded from years of use.  It still works!  The bubbles in both top and end are safely in their glass tubes.  The brass plate in the top has a nice patina, “Stanley Rule and Level Co. Pat Feb 18, 90” is engraved on the plate.  The caliper rule is stamped “Stanley No 98”.  The folding hinges are brass, the wood is boxwood, the caliper slides with some encouragement.  The rule folds easily. 


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