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1890-1908 Stern Bros. Sterling Silver Thimble, Size 8

Stern Bros. & Co., New York, NY was founded in 1868 by Nathan Stern in Philadelphia, PA.  Within a few years they expanded and moved operations to New York.  From 1890 on they used a “fouled” anchor (entwined with rope) as the hallmark for their thimbles.  From the period 1908-1912, the company used an “S” as it’s trademark with a “B” in the upper curve and a “C” in lower curve of the “S”.  Therefore, we can accurately date this thimble to between 1890 and 1908, the fouled anchor hallmark is stamped on the outside along with the number 8 and the word sterling. The company ceased operating in 1933 due to the stock market crash of 1929.  This thimble has a floral decoration, there are no punctures, but it is slightly out of round.  It has been used and appreciated!


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