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1888 Victorian Desk Set, Velvet and Leather, Includes Ink Well and Dip Pen

Measures:  12” x 7.5”

What a beautiful piece!  In all my travels, I’ve never seen anything like this!  The velvet cover is in remarkable condition.  The tiny glass bottle is still in the inkwell, the dip pen complete with nib is held fast in the leather loops on the side.  The calendar for the year 1888 is inside the cover.  All of the leather pockets inside are perfect… and soft!  There is a little compartment next to the inkwell, perhaps for extra pen nibs?  The mechanism for opening the cover of the inkwell works well, it is pushed to the side and the top pops up!  Soft leather covers the top of the inkwell.  The red wine color of the velvet is stunning.  Some of the velvet has worn away, but not as much as would be expected for the age – 136 years!  The leather covering the ink well needs to be handled gently.  Imagine the correspondence that was written on this!  I have a feeling it belonged to a very dignified lady….


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