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1886 Wooden Box with Lid, Wallpaper Covered, Newspaper Lined

Measures:  12” tall, 17” wide, 14” deep

A one of a kind find, this box has history inside and out! And oh my, were they ever gossipy back in the day….  You will find more than one scandalous story in this old box! There are several different designs on the (very busy 😊) wallpaper outside.  Newspaper lining the inside of the box is dated March 1886. The wood, hinges, and nails are all original and appropriate to the era.  The edges are all “chamfered” or sloped to be slightly rounded. Inside the cover are three lithographs, one is a little girl, presumably this is from an ad. One is of a very regal lady.  The other is an advertisement for Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company.  The articles and advertisements are a peek into the past.  Some of the articles are rather humorous, others are quite shocking in their candor! This box is not in perfect condition, it has signs of use and wear which are age appropriate, please see photos.  It is very sturdy!


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