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1883 Sewing Box with Velvet Pin Cushion

Measures:  5.5” tall, 6” wide

This box comes complete with a mystery!  It is made of a wooden shipping crate, postage stamps on bottom dated March 1883, but the only words still visible are “Prescription” and “Warranted to Please, Wm. E. Parsons”.  Despite vigorous research, I can’t decipher what the origin of this piece is!  Regardless, it is a beautiful piece with a wonderful patina.  The pin cushion is (I believe) original.  It has pretty trim around the bottom of the cushion with glass headed pins helping to hold the trim in place.  There is a piece of floral wallpaper on the underside of the pin cushion.  The 2 very small hinges are no longer attached to the top, as shown in the photos.  Perhaps a skilled hand could put them back together – it appears that all the parts are there except for a pin for one of the hinges.  There is one piece of wood missing at the bottom and an old chip also at the bottom.  These are shown in the photos. The lithograph on the inside bottom is vibrant!  This was carefully and lovingly put together using the material at hand.  It seems it was treasured, as it has survived nearly 140 years in remarkable condition!


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