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1880’s Vapo-Cresolene Vaporizer Lantern

Measures:  6.5” tall

The lantern is complete with the exception of the metal saucer that sat at the very top to hold the creosote inhalant.  The original box is whole but does have some damage to the top, including stains which I assume is creosote.  The information provided on the box is interesting, it will have you shaking your head!  The lamp and chimney have no damage, a true wonder considering the age, over 100 years! 

An intricate little lantern which served as one of the first vaporizers and a great example of quack medicine.  And the “medication” used?  Creosote, which is the tarry mess found in wood stove pipes.  People were encouraged to close the bedroom door, light the lantern and breathe the fumes all night.  Yes, people did get poisoned.  Though I suspect this was blamed on the illness, not the “cure”.  It was introduced in the 1880’s, claiming to be a cure for everything from scarlet fever to measles to diphtheria! It was discredited by the 1920’s.  The Cresolene Lantern became part of an exhibit featured at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair – in the “American Chamber of Horrors”!! And as with so many dangerous and poisonous things – it’s really pretty!


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