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1880’s Rice’s Sewing Silk Spool Cabinet

Measures:  14” tall, 17.5” wide, 17.5” deep

It is getting harder to find antique spool cabinets in good condition at a reasonable price, but I found one today!!  A wonderful old oak spool cabinet in great condition!  There are 4 drawers, all with original metal handles in place.  The glass in the front is very thick and has no chips or cracks.  The drawers open and close easily.  All but one of the metal spool holders are in place, there are 12 across and 14 rows in each drawer, not counting the front display row.  The glass is held in by decorative metal pieces on each side, this has tarnished over the years and may be cleaned up if desired.  There is one crack in the wood on one side, this doesn’t affect the stability of the cabinet.  The bottom of the front has begun to separate a little bit, please see the photos.  Again, this doesn’t affect the stability of the cabinet at all.  The back of the cabinet features a folk art drawing of a young lady done in pencil.  Perhaps the clerk (very talented!) had time on his hands and the young lady on his mind!  I have put a few spools of thread in place, these will be included but they are not silks and likely not from the time period, they are all wooden spools.  They look nice and are a good starter!

*Thank you to Sophie Mae and Rob for being my photo assistants :-)


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