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1880’s – 1910’s Mauchline Ware Spool Holder with Sterling Silver Thimble and Wooden Spools

Measures:  2” tall, 4.5” wide

This round wooden spool holder has six carved bone eyelets for thread dispensing. Inside are five wooden pegs to hold spools. One peg is missing. In the middle there is a velvet lined thimble holder.  The wooden box itself is in very good condition. The photos include “Cave of the Winds“, “Maid of the Mist in Whirlpool Rapids“, “American Falls from Goat Island“, and “American Falls“.   I have included a Ketchum and McDougall sterling silver thimble, size 10. I believe there is a gold wash around the edge. There are a few punctures but not overly noticeable and it is not out of round.  Also included are three wooden spoons of thread. 

Mauchline Ware is so named because it was produced in or near a small town called Mauchline in Scotland.  It is made of sycamore and often had transfer photos of popular tourist destinations.  It was produced from the mid 1800’s until 1933 when the last Mauchline Ware factory was destroyed by fire. 


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