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1880’s – 1910’s Mauchline Ware Butter Churn Shaped Measuring Tape and Double Ended Pincushion

Measures:  Tape Measure – 2.5” tall.  Pincushion – 2” long

This cute little tape measure is shaped like a tiny butter churn! The photo is “Lincoln’s Home, Springfield, Illinois“. The dark patina on this is just beautiful. I believe the tape measure is still inside but has been wound back in too far. It doesn’t appear that it will come apart to remedy that. It is a beautiful decorative piece.

The double ended pin cushion has brown velvet on each end. The photo is “Mount Pleasant House“. This is in very good condition; the velvet shows very little wear.

Mauchline Ware is so named because it was produced in or near a small town called Mauchline in Scotland.  It is made of sycamore and often had transfer photos of popular tourist destinations.  It was produced from the mid 1800’s until 1933 when the last Mauchline Ware factory was destroyed by fire.


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