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1874 Heart Pin Cushion and Sterling Silver Thimble Size 10

Measures:  5.5”x6”

What a survivor! This pin cushion is 150 years old!  There is beaded design over purple velvet.  There may be a few beads missing but this could also be the way it was stitched.  There are loose threads on the front, but the cushion is not coming apart.  The loop for hanging is in place.  The back is signed, I can’t quite make out the names but one of them starts with H and the other looks like “Nora” or "Dora”.  It is dated 1874.  The back has a few small holes and one tear, unfortunately the previous owner patched this with masking tape.  I believe this could be removed and the tear could be repaired properly.

The thimble is hallmarked in the apex, Ketchum and McDougall, Sterling.  There are no punctures and it is not out of round.  Established in New York City in 1832, Ketcham & McDougall produced exceedingly high-quality thimbles.  The company ceased production in 1932, during the depths of the Great Depression. 


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