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1856 A.L. Williston Cloth Stretcher with Handwritten Inscription

Front reads: “A. L. Williston's Universal Cloth Stretcher for Stretching and Holding Cloth Tightly While Marking with Indelible Ink, Northampton, Ms.” “Entered according to act of Congress AD 1856 by A.L. Williston in the clerk’s office of the District Court of the District of Mass.”  On the back is a handwritten inscription which reads:  For Augusta July 21st ‘60. Mrs. M Thomas”.   There is a well-worn label on the back, presumably this was instructions for use, beneath this is the handwritten date January 16,1857.  It is made of wood with a very smooth finish.  I believe this is a rare piece as I could not find another to compare it to.  Given the dates, I wonder if this was later used to mark clothing for the soldiers of the Civil War?


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