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1800’s Sewing Box with Horsehair Pin Cushion

Measures:  3” tall, 2.5” wide, 4” deep

The wood this sewing box is made of is referred to as “Flame Birch”, a beautifully figured hardwood.  The drawers are finished with tiny dovetails and there is delicate inlay all around the box.  The intricate little drawer pulls are original and in place.  There is a removable, hand carved piece that sits in the top in the middle of the pin cushion, this piece puzzles me a bit.  It has a hole drilled through it right below the top and I’m not sure what it’s function is supposed to be.  I think it makes a perfect thimble holder!  I believe the pin cushion had material covering it at one point but that has worn away and we are left with the stuffing which appears to be horsehair.  The construction and materials used for this box lead me to the conclusion that it once belonged in a very well to do household.  I am not able to date this to an exact year, but I feel it was made around the mid to late 1800’s and was likely of European origin.

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