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1800’s Pin Trio! 1890 – 1900 Beaded Pin Cushion, Treenwware Pin Holder with Lid, Treenware Office Pins Container

Measures:  Pin Cushion – 5.5” long, Lidded Pin Holder – 3.25” tall, Pin Container – 1”x2”

The beaded pin cushion was likely made by the Iroquois Native Americans in the late Victorian era around 1890-1900. These were made to sell to tourists at various attractions.  This one is in the shape of a shoe, some of the fabric on the front has come away, however, I can’t see any missing beads.  This was part of an estate auction here in Maine, there was a small museum on site.  This item has the provenance tag still attached: “From Mrs. Bess Libby, Vanceboro 12/10/59”.  I would assume this was the date of the donation.

The treenware pin holder has a beautiful patina!  The lid is easily removed and replaced, there are no chips or cracks.  The label is on the bottom though difficult to read due to wear, “Full Count and Pin Co.” are visible. 

The black wooden pin container is in great condition with no chips or cracks.  Some of the pin paper is still in place as is the label on the bottom.  It reads: “Oakville Co. F. 3 ½ No. 5, 300 Office Pins Made In U.S.A.”. 


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