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1800’s Homespun Woolen Blanket, Fabric

Measures:  91” X 66”

This blanket is made of finely woven wool, and I believe it dates to about the mid 1800’s.  There are actually 2 pieces of fabric whip stitched together down the middle of the blanket, the stitching has started to come apart on one end, this could easily be mended.  The top and bottom edges are embroidered with pink thread and one end is scalloped; the scallops are rather uneven indicating that this was done by hand.  As would be expected for the age of the fabric, there are some spots and there is some fraying and a few holes but there is also plenty of unmarred material for use in crafting or the blanket could certainly be enjoyed as is!  Please look carefully at the photos, and I do have a nice video that I am happy to share if provided with an email address.


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