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1800’s Coquilla Nut Sewing Notions

Measures:  2.25” tall, acorn – 2” long

The coquilla nut is the fruit of the Brazilian Palm.  The nut is 3-4 inches long and has a very hard, brown shell which takes a fine polish.  It was frequently used as an ornamental material in the 19th century. 

I believe the larger item was once a tape measure, there is a hole in both the top and bottom for the spindle and handle to retract the measure, there is a slit in the side for pulling the tape measure out.  There are a few areas of chipping near the top, I have pictured this. This piece is intricately carved and if desired, a new tape measure could be fashioned and put in place!

This little acorn just needs a thimble to hold!  It is very delicately carved, the threaded top works nicely.  There is one area of damage on the “hat” of the acorn as shown in the photo and there is one small chip in the top rim of the base of the acorn, also shown in a photo. 

This little couple would love to grace a collection of notions!


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