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1800’s Carved Coquilla Nut Match Holder with Original Matches

Measures:  2” long, matches are approx. 1” long

The coquilla nut is the fruit of the Brazilian Palm.  The nut is 3-4 inches long and has a very hard, brown shell which takes a fine polish.  It was frequently used as an ornamental material in the 19th century.  I recently came across a nice collection of these carved items which included a handwritten note reading “These carved bone sewing things belonged to great grandmother Sarah Friehafer Saylor 1813-1881.” (Writer apparently thought items were bone....)

Though this is not a sewing item, it was with the collection.  After all, she did need to light her candles and lamps to sew in the evening!  I was very surprised to find 4 tiny matches inside.  They appear to be made of wax but I can’t be sure.  The match holder has one crack started on the cover.  Please see the photos.  Otherwise it is in fine condition. 

*Match holder and matches included in sale, other items are my photo helpers :-)


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