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1800’s Carved Bone Crochet, Knitting and Sewing Tools, 6 Pcs.

Measures:  Longest – 5.25”, Smallest – 2.75”

Ox bone is very smooth, with a polished surface almost glass like.  This is a nice, varied collection of bone tools.  There is one that I have never seen before but is so practical I’m not at all surprised it exists!  There is a crochet hook on one end and the other end is tapered to be a knitting needle!  Dual purpose!  Besides this one, there are 3 crochet hooks of varying sizes.  There is one sewing awl and another tool which is *sharply* pointed on one end and is smoothly slanted on the other end.  I’m not sure what this is but would love to know!  I believe these could date at least as far back as the Civil War Era, they are certainly 1800’s.  All are hand carved and the texture of the bone is evident in all of them. 


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