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Vintage Vanity Set: Victorian Celluloid and 22K Gold Hair Comb, Jewelry Casket, Whiting & Davis Purse, Stratton Compact

Measures:  Jewelry Casket - 3” tall, 6.5” wide, 5.5” deep, Purse – 4.5”x5", Compact - 3” across, Comb - 5” wide, 3” tall

The comb was part of an estate here in Maine that had been untouched for decades.  I have done some research and found that this dates to the late 1800’s to very early 1900’s.  The back is stamped “22KT GOLD”.  The stones are rhinestones.  Fun fact:  Georg Freidrich Strass invented the first rhinestones in 1760 from a special type of crystal found in the Rhine River!  The comb is in very good condition, there are no breaks or cracks.  All of the gold is in place and without damage.  None if the stones are missing.  What a fashion statement!  Then and now!!

The jewelry casket is nearly flawless!  There is no damage to the beveled glass top, the brass filigree is perfectly in place, the feet are not bent and the velvet interior has no holes or tears!  There are a couple of dark spots on the velvet, to be expected with age.  I believe this dates between the 1920’s and 1950’s.  

The purse is Whiting and Davis, the clasp is rhinestones and works well.  The lining is flawless, and the purse is well attached to the frame.  The wrist chain has been repaired, please see photos. 

The Stratton compact was made in England, it is in very good condition.  The finish looks like it is bejeweled!  The beveled mirror is flawless, the powder compartment opens with a “ping” as the cover is opened wide.  This is a feature that was patented by Stratton.  The powder compartment is very clean.  




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