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Trio of Critters! Metal Poodle Keepsake Box, Brass Lizard Paper Weight, Avon Perfume Turtle

Measures:  Lizard – 4” long, Poodle – 3” long, Turtle – 2.75” long

Each member of this trio is from a different decade!  The poodle is likely from the 1950’s.  I believe she is a keepsake box.  One of her ruby colored eyes has gone missing over the years.  Otherwise, she is in fine condition. 

The turtle is Avon and has some of the solid perfume remaining in the compact.  This piece is undamaged, the compact opens and closes easily.  I believe this dates to the 1960’s or 1970’s.

The lizard can be a paperweight or it can hang from its tail as a decoration.  It is made of brass and I believe this dates to pre 1950 but could be a bit newer than that.


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