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Set of 2 Pin Keeps and Crocheted Spool Holder with Mending Floss and Nickel Silver Simons Bros Thimble

The square pin keep is made of velvet and has been hand stitched.  It is probably at least 100 years old.  I have removed all the pins and needles from it as they were in very rough shape!  The dark velvet is in good condition, the green and maroon velvets still have some fluff left but it has mostly worn away.  It measures approx. 4”x4”.  The sunhat is a bit newer, perhaps mid century.  It has flannel in the middle and a size 7 nickel silver thimble in the hat!  This is also hand made with crochet cotton and red satin ribbon.

Crocheted Spool Holder with Mending Floss :  7 spools of mending floss all tucked into a sweet little crocheted holder! 


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