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1920's Trio: Whiting and Davis Enameled Purse, Silk Velvet Beaded Embellishment, and FMCO Compact

Measures:  Purse - 6” long, 4” wide, 7” wrist chain drop, Beaded Velvet - 6” long, 3“wide, 

1920’s Whiting and Davis Enameled Mesh Purse, Flapper Style! This mesh purse has reddish brown enameling on the mesh and on the frame.  The original chain drop wrist strap is in place.  The kiss lock works well.  The purse is attached to the frame all the way round.  There is a spot of enameling missing on the frame.  Please see the photos.

Antique Silk Velvet Beaded Embellishment, Hand Stitched:  It is carefully and beautifully hand made.  The material is very old, silk velvet.  What a great example of the workmanship and textiles of the early 1900’s!

FMCO Compact:  The compact is very well made.  It has a nice heft and the inside is as amazing as the outside is beautiful!  The outside features stunning soft yellow guilloche enameling on front and back with black enamel trim.  The latch and hinges are in good working condition.  There is a small mirror inside, this has no cracks or chips.  There is a rouge compartment below the mirror, the rouge has never been opened!  The powder compartment is super cool – see photos, it turns and there are sifter, open and closed options.  It looks like the inside of an old pocket watch.  There is still powder in the compact and a puff as well.  There is some wear on the back and around the edges.  It is stamped “FMCO” beside the rouge compartment.  This compact was made in Attleboro, MA by the Finberg Manufacturing Company – they made compacts, or “vanity cases” only during the 1920’s and 1930’s.  The enameling was done by an Englishman, Frederick Cooper whose particular skill was as a master enameller.    These compacts are now highly sought after and collectible.  By the way, this style compact was sold at retail in 1927 for $12.50, that’s equivalent to $212.84 today!!



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