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1880’s American Machine Co. Fluting Iron, Made in Philadelphia

Measures:  6” tall, 9” wide, 6” deep

It was all the rage back in the day to have “fluted” trim on your outfits!  There were several ways to achieve this look and this machine was one of them.  The brass rollers are hollow allowing for heated rods to be inserted.  To say that this iron is sturdily built is an understatement.  It is super heavy, that’s probably to keep it steady on the table, there is also a clamp to assist with stability.  The mechanism is easy to turn, I believe the lever on the base is to adjust the tension of the rods.  The clamp is in place and works well.  The wooden handle has a great patina – this was used to flute many collars, sleeves and pieces of trim! 


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